Raw Sugar




Have you ever seen what Sugar does to ladies? Have you ever seen the looks on their faces when they take that walk of shame OUT of the ring and backstage after facing Sugar? Have you seen the different looks and expressions on their faces when they’re staring at the ceiling, KO’d? That look was the last look on their face before Sugar took their conciousness as a souvenier. Sugar has taken wins, hair, drool, clothes, belts, shoes, egos, bragging rights, winning streaks, undefeated records, and crushed them all into dust to be swept away in a single gust of wind. Apparently Andrea Rosu is not aware of this. A powerhouse in her own right, Andrea has plenty of experience, and biceps that could submit the toughest heel, or so she thought. Andrea is stretching in the ring, tank top and TIGHT leggings, not dressed for a fight, she is not expecting one. Enter Sugar, who is always expecting a fight. Sugar makes fun of Andrea from outside the ring. Its not long before the two are face to face center ring. Andrea, (never one to back down) is happy to return Sugar’s attitude, as the two trade insults. In eachothers faces flexing at eachother. Poor, naive Andrea has no idea what the immediate future holds. Andrea is tired of the banter and goes to throw a stiff, right jab into Sugar’s jaw! But Sugar catches Andrea’s hand! Crushing the redheads hand like a can, Andrea falls to her knees in excruciating pain! Sugar takes advantage of Andrea’s vulnerable position and sends five, MASSIVE right hands directly into Andrea’s jaw, knocking the gorgeous girl loopy and cross eyed. Andrea falls to the ground limp. At this point Sugar rips Andrea’s clothes from her body. Forcing the Boxer to take this beatdown, embarrassingly in only her bra, and panties! Sugar uses various chokes, sleepers, locks, and holds to thrash poor Andrea, mixing in belly and face punches! Cobra clutch, fish hook, skull crusher! Sugar sits on Andrea, and using a handful of her thick red hair, makes Andrea watch her own belly being beaten as Sugar sends DEEP punches into Andrea’s belly! This is a total squash from front to back as you get to witness the complete destruction of Andrea Rosu at the hand of the Mega Heel, Sugar! Sugar uses the leggings she stripped from Andrea to hogtie her. Lifting her limp head by the hair, Sugar forces Andrea to beg, and verbally submit to her, for all to hear. Andrea has no choice, and succumbs to Sugar

Match Sugar. I think it will be a while before Andrea forgets this fight.