How to write a description that will properly describe the merciless beating that Sugar lays down on Athena Law is a task not worth tackling. To try to describe the torment inflicted on Athena is impossible. Sugar, dressed head, to toe in black. DESTROYS a shiny, pink thong leotard clad, Athena Law, in an instant classic, and jaw dropping squash match. Sugar batters and bruises Athena from pillar to ringpost. Using camel clutches, sleeperholds, wedgies, bearhugs, chokes, face claws, nerve holds, hair pulling, skull crushers, crotch stretches, headlocks, fish hooks, eye gouges, rope work, and pure, epic, torment. Athena is overwhelmed from the opening bell, twitching and convulsing involuntarily as Sugar bends, twists, presses, and beats all sense out of her. Sugar dominates Athena in embarrassing fashion, even showcasing her might by KOing Athena with a mere hairpull! Athena’s eyes roll and she goes limp from the excruciating pain. Sugar ends the match my letting Athena know she is going to rip her pretty little face off! And proceeds to attempt just that! Ripping from the bottom jaw and nose, Sugar looks as if she is trying to literally rip Athena’s face off! Athena’s eyes roll and her tongue flaps wildly as she slaps slaps at Sugars arms in a panic! Finally succumbing to Sugar. Athena goes limp and is leg hook pinned for the count. Match, Sugar.