My Panties are cuter than yours




“My Panties are Cuter!”

Laney and Alex both have dates with the same guy. They trade insults about eachothers dresses, when Laney shows Alex that the lucky guy will like her more because she wore a cute, coral, matching bra, amd panty set. It just so happens that Alex is wearing the same panty set. Things get heated when they argue who looks cuter in their panties. Laney has enough and rips Alexandria’s dress off. Its on! Its only a moment before Laney’s dress is off and the two girls are face to face, and about to have a serious girl fight in their underwear! Alex snaps Laneys bra against her skin. Laney returns the favor by snapping Alexandria’s panties against her skin! Thats it! The two sexy girls go straight for eachothers hair, and we have a full blown chick fight on our hands, and MAN! It sure is fun to watch girl fighting in their panties! The girls roll around, ripping and tearing amd slapping at eachother. Heavy knees, chokes, hair pulling, submission moves! Whats more to say? Who will come out on top? And who, is just another bottom!