Law School




Welcome to Law School! Athena Law that is. Todays class, an introduction to Jobbers! And todays Jobber, clad in bright neon colors from head to toe. Beaming from ear to ear, and a lovely round booty, begging to be kicked. Its Alexandria Hamilton, and Athena takes her to school! Rope work, corner work, strikes! knees, punches, kicks, chokes, slams! Athena pulverizes her Jobber with vicious hair pulling, scissor holds, sleeper holds, backbreaker, hangman chinlock, surfboards, crotch abuse, wedgies, arm wringers, reverse hair bridge, camel clutches, triangle choke, matchbook pins and more! Athena uses a final choke to send a cocky Alex into a twitching messy KO, with her legs kicked over her head, booty pointing at the rafters. Such an epic beatdown for an amazing Jobber by a seasoned heel!