Jobber Fever:Alex Mangles Claire




Alex knows that Jezabel Romo is coming to town.  The two have met once before, in a private contest in which Jezabel’s superior skill was unforgivingly apparent as she essentially beat the fuck out of  Alexandria in the LuchaGirls ring.  A beating caught on camera, yet never released.  Alex has been training non stop, and is ready to avenge her loss.  We are one week out from the big fight, and Alex needs to make an example of a woman for Jezabel to see.  Enter Claire Voyant!  Pretty, tatted, round booty, baby face jobber, thick hair, this is Alexandria’s type of jobber, and Claire is about to find out first hand, (or should we say, fist fist) how Alexandria’s training has paid off.  The two lock up and Alex wastes no time sending a big knee to Claires’s mid section, dropping the weed witch to her knees.  Alex rips Claire to her feet by a thick gob of a handful of hair, locking on a tight side headlock, and sending a HUGE right hand, straight into Claire’s head, again dropping the jobber like a bag of hammers!  Its all Alex from here on out, as she batters her amazon opponent from pillar to ring-post!  Chokes, vicious hair pulling, booty slapping,  head scissors, corner beatdowns, head slams, stunners, belly punching, sleeper holds, nerve holds, rope work, crotch stomps, back breakers, and plane ol’ domination, set up Claire for a final, merciless, humiliating hold, causing Claire to twitch and convulse uncontrolably into an incoherant KO’d pile of defeated jobber!  Alex sets her foot on Claire’s full size chest, as she holds the MMW Championship belt high above her defeated opponent.  Again she calls out Jezabel, telling her to take notice of the battered woman being used as a footstool, and warning the LuchaGirl that this type of beating is awaiting her in the MMW ring.  Poor Claire, how lovely she looked in her V-cut cheeky leotard, contrasted to Alexandrias shiny, cheeky, black, heel gear.  Too bad you only got dressed up to be another chicks bitch.  Match, America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton.