I didn’t want to fight her




Athena Law is a well known boxer, holding titles in other promotions, also skilled in MMA, the transition to pro wrestling was easy for the Veteran. Lately she has been throwing insults and verbal jabs at the reigning MMW champion and one half of the MMW tag champions, Alexandria Hamilton. Alexandria is cutting a promo in the ring, unaware Athena is looming behind her, Alexandria tells the camera that Athena Law can’t come to MMW, make fun of their girls, and not pay a price for it! After she blows the camera a kiss, Athena ambushes her from behind, stripping her of her championship belt and striking her in the face with her own title! A stunned Alexandria falls against the ropes, Athena is dressed in MMA gear, and is annoyed at Alexandria’s cute v cut baby blue leotard, and her white pro gear. As if Alexandria’s Leotard wasn’t snug enough against her cute round booty, Athena makes sure its tighter! continuously pulling and yanking and wedgieing the dark-haired jobber!
Sounds of headbutts and striking combos fill the MMW room! Alexandria is beyond outmatched, and feebly throws strikes of her own, connecting ineffectively with her antagonist! After literally laughing off Alex’s piss poor attempt to trade, a sinister Athena stalks the horrified MMW champion around the ring! Reminding Alex of past women who have attempted to strike with her, and their current residence in the local hospital, telling Alex she just turned this contest into an MMA fight! A gob of Alexandria hair sends her face first into the top corner turnbuckle! it’s all Athena Law for the duration! Let the brutalization of Alexandria Hamilton begin! Vicious face shots! Gut shots! Low Blow kicks! Turnbuckle face slams! Even more Headbutts! Don’t forget the kidney shots! Welcome Americas Best Jobber in the corner. Athena forces a battered Alex to bite the top in a degrading fashion, dragging the champions teeth across the ropes to the next corner. Alexandria begs Athena to stop! Athena climbs out of the ring, holding Alex by the hair, she unleashes several stomach and breast shots from outside the ring! Alexandria stomps and cries out in pain! Shaking the ring and her lovely bottom, which Athena makes sure to give a degrading spank on her way back in the ring! BACK to the corner where Athena strangles Alexandria with two hands looking her straight in the eye until a lifeless Alex falls limp against the Majors hip! A barrage of knees bust Alexandria’s gorgeous face open, covering the Majors knee in her opponents blood, Alexandrias body shakes when she hits the mat face first unconscious, only to be yanked to her wobbly feet by the hair and thrown into the ropes for a HARD knee, causing Alex to flip mid-air, crashing to the canvas on her back with massive force! An onslought of vicious strikes proceed, Alexandria’s bloody body is paraded and dragged around the ring by the hair, while she cries and begs the Major to end the match, Athena takes pleasure in Alexandria’s fear, and a high kick sends the MMW champ face first to the mat and out of the ring! Athena follows, using two ring posts to slam Americas Best Jobbers head in to, opening up the MMW champ even more, and enter the crimson mask! A handful of hair and wedgie send Alex back into the ring where she is met by an army of stomps, face strikes, and a BONE SNAPPING armbar, Alex is literally SOBBING at this point, Athena uses one pinky to pin the bloodied Alex for the win! Immediately forcing the sobbing jobber to verbalize her inferiority! Athena can’t leave til she shows the camera her prize! Straddling the MMW champions back and lifting her head by the hair, showing off Alexandria’s bloodied face, and her own handy work, Athena kicks Alex out of the ring, and the scene ends with a bloody sobbing jobber being stood over by an evil grinning spotless Athena law!