Fight to the Ref!




Athena enters the MMW fight space clad in vertical black and white stripes, seems she is here to ref today right!? Well, kinda right. Waiting in the ring is Alexandria, in identical ref leotard, and gear. Alexandria has already been paid to ref sugars first match in MMW, but Athena didn’t drive here for nothing! If she’s not getting paid, then she’s getting SOMETHING! Athena is known for her hunger for Hamilton blood, having thoroughly beat both sisters with ease. Athena enters the ring and tells Alexandria she is going to help her out, by teaching her how to call a match! Lets start with illegal moves and dirty tactics! Cue low blow! Cue throat punch! Cue headbutt! Boom! Alexandria crashes to the mat! Athena tells Alexandria “this is how you get a wrestler to their feet”, lifting Alex by her neck for another headbutt, sending her flat to her back for a second time. Athena continues “this is how you get a bitch to her feet!” Ripping Alexandria up by the hair, Athena continues her painful lesson with a series of illegal and degrading moves! Uh oh! Eye gouge! Oh no! Fishhook! Alexandria cries out in pain as Athena smirks with genuine enjoyment! Hair ref! Did you think Alex was gonna escape without her beautiful hair getting pulled? Athena tugs and yanks on Alexandria’s hair, ripping her back and forth. Before the MMW champ can regain composure its bottoms up! WAY up as Athena applys a sexy matchbook pin! Showing the world Alexandria’s ASSETS. Athena continues, finding different lessons to teach Alexandria in torture. Several crotch stomps take any fight that was left, out of the MMW champ. Athena isn’t getting paid, so she’s eager to get home. Why not slap an air tight sleeper on Alex to put her to sleep, after all, she destroyed poor Alexandria’s face in their previous meeting, staining the MMW canvas in Hamilton blood! Athena is not in the mood to do laundry. It doesnt take long for Alex to go out, Athena lays Alexandria in the middle of the ring, and KO! Winner, Athena Law! Time to exit, but wait!? Whats in Alexandria’s bra? Is that CASH? Awesome! Lets have brunch! Athena proceeds to stuff Alexandria’s mouth with the dirty money, and leaves Americas Best Jobber unconscious in the middle of the MMW ring!