Fall of the Babydoll




Alex Has a superpower, when she wears black, she LOVES to neat up chicks! And unfortunately for Allie Parker, Alex brought her black attire today. And serves Allie one HELL of a beatdown. Hair Pulling, Snap Mares, Camel Clutches, Sleeper Hold, Belly Punches, Face Strikes, HeadScissors, stomps, crotch stomps, low blows, corner work and rope work, is just the appetizer to the destruction Alex lies on top of tge Hot Girl from the Vegas Strip! The fight spills outside of the ring where Allie is punished and beaten with a steel chair! Alex beats up Allie so bad that Allies friend Monica Garcia even becomes concerned, becoming part of her own confrontation outside the ring with Alex’s backup, Athena Law, only to be pur to sleep om the outside mat like so many other women who tried to cross Athena. Allie os subject to more punishment as her friend turns red im Athenas sleeperhold just right outside arms reach! A final skull crusher lays Allie out for a leghook pin that gives Alex the “W”. But whats this? Athena is still having fun dominating Monica outside the ring! Is the match really over?