Cry Baby Laney




Laney finds herself in a bad way when Alex enters in a bad mood and uses an unsuspecting Laney as a training dummy! Bending and twisting the blonde in, mercilessly low blowing and beating the poor woman from pillar to post.  Laney is a sobbing mess throughout the beating, crying and begging Alex throughout the entire match to please stop the horrific beat down, but her cries fall on deaf ears as Alex handcuffs Laney to continue the torture!  Alex uses a nightstick to destroy Laney with low blows while the blonde Awesome one lie bound and at the whim of Alexandria. After an over the knee back breaker, vicious hair pulling, camel clutches, figure 4, merciless crotch stomps and low blows, humiliating fish hook, catty clawing, eye gouges and an agonizing surfboard, a final bondage scene ends Laney’s torment. Giving Alex the W, and feeding Laney, her most humiliating loss to date!