Cry Baby Alex 2




Alex is in the worst position a Jobber could find themselves. In the ring, at the mercy or two Mega Heels! Athena Law, and Sugar Both women are relentless in their treatment of Alex. Taking turns punishing the gorgeous Jobber in her bright blue cheeky booty shorts. Slams, clutches, boston crabs, hair pulls, back breakers, vicious clawing, stomps and kicks, make up only a percentage of the beating PRIOR to the handcuffed crotch beatdown. Yes. After having fun destroying helpless Alex, the two heels decide all thats left to do is destroy her poor crotch! Alex is bound with handcuffs, hands behind her back, and set bottoms up, while Athna and Sugar take turns using a crowbar to smash and destroy Alexandria’s crotch! So much action and destruction, too much to describe in words. A beatdown like this must be witnessed by the true FEMDOM and Squash Match fan! Kiss this Jobber goodnight!