Constance is NO Nonsense!




Constance is back in the MMW ring!  After having her ass handed to her by Athena Law in the video “Constance Suffering” she is not in the best of moods.  She ditched her bikini for a skin tight pro leotard, she has on her pads and boots, and is ready to avenge her loss, facing none other than MMW owner and poster girl, Alexandria Hamilton.  Alex is all smiles as usual, she saw Constances match against Athena, and was hardly impressed.  it may be a mistake, but Alex is not very concerned with her opponent, and is convinced she is going to walk out of the ring with a win today.  Whats more, she made the mistake of wearing a shiny, pink, thong leotard!  Shiny and bright like your favorite fishing lure, Alex is unaware that the game her lovely booty cheeks are attracting is an angry, vengful Constance.   Poor Alex should not have looked so sexy today, because she is hardly going to exit looking so chipper, as Constance spends the match dominating, humiliating, and squashing America’s BEST Jobber!  Its a classic blonde Vs. brunette showdown, and everyone knows blondes have more fun, serving up brunettes with ass beatings that is.
  Constance is no nonsense as she batters Alex from corner to corner, ripping and yanking her up and around by her thick jobber mane!  Making sure to put Alex in moves that accomplish what that thong leotards goal was, which is showing off Alexandria’s gorgeous round bottom, jiggling and shaking around with each ego crushing strike Constance sends across Alexandria’s jaw, and deep into her soft beautiful belly!  Face punches, hair pulling, slams, gut punches, gulitine, belly claws,  sleeper hold, camel clutch, eye gouge, fish hook, corner splashes, corner work, rope work, crotch abuse, low blows, back breakers, spanking, chokes, smothers, ass in the air chokes, and MUCH more, as Constance showcases the beating of Alex for all of the MMW roster to see.  If you want to see a hot blonde, thoroughly beat the living hell out of a gorgeous amazon brunette, yank her around by the hair, knock her cross eyed, and slap her ass,  then this jobber vs. heel, squash match lovers dream match, is for you!  Dont let Constance have all the fun punishing Alex, its no fun unless she knows you are watching and enjoying seeing the things she does to poor Alexandria.  This lop sided beating of Alex concludes with a defeated brunette pile of jobber, laying bewildered and beaten silly under the boot of her blonde, superior opponent! Forced to audibly verbalize her submission, its Goodnight Alex, HELLLOOOO Constance!