Category 5




  1. Alexandria is America’s BEST Jobber!  Tsunami is an undefeated heel!  What could be better?  Alexandria, a round booty, baby face, thick amazon jobber girl, dressed head to toe in classic, girl next door, pretty in pink, jobber girl gear!  Tsunami, stone cold, dressed in red, 110 lbs of pure mean girl!  What could be better?  What a match up!  Tsunami wastes no time, establishing how she intends to treat Alex throughout the match, bitch slapping poor Alex down at lockup!  Alex gets back to her feet only to be bitch slapped back down again in humiliating fashion.  Alex again gets to her feet as Tsunami offers her hand, in a true sportsman like gesture.  Alex reaches out to shake her opponents hand only to eat another cheek splitting bitch slap, straight across her once gorgeous, now red, and swollen face.  Alex stays down, a bit dazed from getting slapped silly at the hand of Tsunami, but Tsunami is not going to give Alex a break, ambushing Alex on her knees, and using to gobs of hair, slamming poor Alex’s face to the canvas repeatedly!  The remainder of the match sees Tsunami using Alex as a practice dummy!  Beating her silly from corner to corner, rope to rope, and feeding her boot and canvas at every turn!  Rope work, corner work, belly punches, kicks, knees, slams, punches, stretches, chokes, low blows and flips fill the ring as Alex is thrown around and slammed with ease by her 110 pound aggressor!  Tsunami, using Alexandria’s thick jobber hair as a handle to yank, rip, and pull Alex up to her feet, and every which way around the ring!  Sleeper holds, face busters, and snap mares shake the ring as Alex is fed a thorough beatdown.  Tsunami slaps on camel clutches and back breaking surfboards!  Fish hooks mangle and contort Alexandria’s face like clay as she beg, plead, moans, groans, and whimpers in submission to Tsunami!  More punishment follows until a Final STF causing Alex to scream her submission to Tsunami!  Tsunami rises above her defeated opponent and uses her limp, beaten body as a footstool for her dominant victory pose!  Match, Tsunami!