Beat the Spit out of HER!




2 hot girls in boxing trunks throw down! Alex is ready trade blows! Shadow boxing in the ring waiting on her opponent! Enter Athena Law, late, and on her phone, talking to her friend, careless about her match. The phone call ends and the two ladies exchange words as Athena enters the ring. Alex puts in her mouthpiece and asks Athena to put in hers. Athena responds that she doesnt need one, because Alex will not be landing any hits on her. Ding Ding Ding, and Jab Jab Jab! Athena DOMINATES Alex from bell to bell. Feeding her stiff jab after stiff jab! Alexandria’a head is snapping, and the hair is flying As Athena uses Alex’s pretty face as a punching bag! Huge belly punches lift Alex off of the ground wide eyed! Alex has trouble keeping her mouthpiece proper, as Athena continuously knocks it crooked, and sideways, and out! Alex continuously spitting and spraying water as if Athena is beating her soul out of her, but she is really beating the spit out of our round bottom jobber! Alex is humiliated, but Athena is not done, as she humimiatingly pantses Alex! Mocking and laughing at the jobbers underwear, Alex is forced to digest the remainder of her beating in her shiny, pink panties! More face beating and belly punches set up Alex for that last mouth piece jarring, spit flying, KOing combo! And Alex is out, You can catch a quick glare of her shiny panties as her booty jiggles from the force of her KOd body hitting the canvas! Athena rolls a moaning KOd, cross eyed Alex onto her hack, and adding insult to injury, stuffs Alexandrias mouth crooked with her mouthpiece! Victory pose, and this day belongs to Athena Law!