Beat the Spit out of Her *7




“Beat the Spit Out of Her!” *7*

Madison Swan steps into the ring wearing a pink bikini with pink boxing gloves, ready to duke it out with MMW CEO Alexandria Hamilton. Both girls have power and speed, making for a great back and forth with plenty of head snaps, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, belly punches, combos, knockdowns, and more! Both girls battle on, the hair and the spit is flying as heads bounce back and forth, insults are exchanged as the two boxers tie up in exchange after exchange, until one girls brain and jaw cant take much more. Finally a 1,2,3 combo sends one girls spit sailing across the ring as her back falls towards the mat, giving the winner the 10 count! Which girl will use the others chest as a foot stool for their triumphant victory pose!?