Beat the Spit out of her 5





Sugar is Back! After obliterating Athena Law, Sugar wants to add another scalp to her boxing belt! And she has her eyes locked on bikini clad, Alexandria! Sugar dominates from the opening bell! (As if there were any doubt!) Alex is overwhelmed, and overcome by Sugars incredible power! No woman has ever destroyed Alex in a boxing contest like Sugar does! Not Laney, not Athena, not Dana, and not even Tsunami! Alexandrias head is battered back and forth like a bobblhead, As Sugar slugs away! Alex is stumbling, being knocked down, and humimiated! The hair is flying and Alexandria’s head is snapping! Jabs! Hooks! Uppercuts! Combos! Belly Punches! Trash Talking! Alex is spraying everywhere! This way and that, as Sugar proceeds to beat the spit out of poor Alex before finally sending her to canvas nap time!