All Hands on NECK!!




There are only two women who boast undefeated records in the MMW Ring.
Sugar, and Tsunami!  And today, Tsunami is putting her undefeated title on the line, against a tip top, fresh off of a KO win, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex is stretching in the ring when a sadistic Tsunami enters.  Tsunami paces back and forth, sizing Alexandria up.  Alex turns to Tsunami, telling the Hawaiian phenm that she should have “struck when she had the chance!”.  Alex rails back to throw a huge haymaker at Tsunami, but Tsunami catches Alexandria’s fist with ease!  Crushing poor Alex’s hand in her grasp!  Alex wails in pain, in shock, and paralyzed by Tsunami’s un natural strength.  Tsunami throws a hard blow, straight into Alexandria’s throat!  Alex grasps her throat with her free hand, her eyes bulge, her other hand still locked in Tsunamis crushing grip!  Tsunami backs Alex into the corner for a body stiffening , one handed choke!  Alex is in a state.of paralysis as she stares off in to oblivion, drool falls from Alexandria’s mouth as her eyes roll, she moans in a submissive stupor.  Tsunami spends the remainder of the match, completely rag dolling a limp, pathetic Alexandria.  Squashing America’s BEST Jobber with belly punches, belly claws, chokes, tongan throat grips, body convulsing nerve holds, amongst a further array of sadistix torment, inflicted upon whimpering, drooling, twitching Alex.  Who is reduced to a convulsing pile.of jobber rubble!  Tsunami corners the amazon brunette, pulling a hidden zip tie from her boot, and quickly faste ing it around Alexandria’s throat!  Alex is frantic as she pulls on the zip tie, trying to release it for a breath of air.  Bit Tsunami isnt having it, as she pins Alexandria’s arms to her side with a humiliating bearhug!  Rendering Alex helpless, and unable to free her neck from the binding zip tie! Alex drools and concvulses, cushed in Tsunamis bearhug!  She begins to fade, as Tsunami lowers her to her knees, Alexandria’s eyes have rolled to the back of her head, as Tsunami lays her.on her back in the middle.of the ring.  Tsunami exits leaving Alex to meet whatever outcome may be approaching.  Lucmily Athena Law stumbles in to the doji, amd sees Alex laying in the middle of the ring!  Athena hops in with a pair scissors, releasing Alex from the zip tie, as Alex takes deep breaths!  Lucky girl that Alex is, lucky girl this time.  Match, easily, the still undefeated, Tsunami!