A Ragdoll named Alex




Not much is to be said. If you love femdom, and ragdoll, dominating, drooly, eye crossing, beatdowns of squash matches, then this is an instant classic! As Sugar lays down a humiliating ragdolling of MMW poster girl, and America’s BEST Jobber! Alexandria Hamilton. Alex starts out cocky, (and clothed) but soon the pants are off, and Sugar takes time, slowly and methodically dismantling Alex beginning with a one handed choke that stuns the MMW beauty, giving Sugar an opening to spend the rest of the match making Alex her complete and total toy! Chokes, skull crusher, smothers, choke slam, are all key parts to Sugar’s destruction of Alex! Sugar plays with Alexandria’s limp limbs, letting us know that this pathetic twitching woman is no longer a threat, nor a contender, but that doesn’t stop Sugar from continuing to beat on poor Alex, bitch slapping her silly! Alexandria’s eyes cross from the sheer force of Sugar’s slaps! A marathon of gut punches lift Alex off the mat, airborne from Sugar’s might. Alex mounts zero defense throughout the match, falling victim to Sugar’s sadistic torture! A back breaking camel clutch, face ripping fish hook, scalping hair pulls, amongst a barrage of other moves, set Alex up for a final sleeper hold, trapping her at the mercy of Sugar’s massive forearms! Alex whimpers, and paws and slaps at her foes arm, squirming and writhing in Sugar’s might! It’s not long before Alex is a sleeping drooly pile of twitching jobber laying at Sugar’s knees. A final leg hook pin gives this lop sided to contest to the mighty Sugar! Sleep tight America’s BEST Jobber!