A Ragdoll named Alex 2





Sugar is back! And she has developed a taste, for ragdolling women wrestlers, reducing them to eye rolling, twitching, drooling piles of jobber.  Sugar enjoys the pros!  She has dabbled in the fantasy scene, but truly enjoys dominating a woman who fancys herself a competetor!  Enter Alexandria Hamilton!  Bare legs and bare feet, wearing a bright orange skin tight leotard, riding up so nicely in her round bottom.  Alex is no dummy, and has not forgotten the countless beatings she has suffered at Sugars hand, but Alex is set on shocking the world!  And happily enters the ring, again, ready to face the mighty Sugar!   Alex is stretching in the corner when she is ambushed from behind by Sugar!   Alex is trapped in the corner, locked in Sugar’s one handed choke.  It’s not 15 seconds in, and Alex is already finished, in a shock related state of paralysis.  Alex gags, her eyes rolling, mouth agape.  She grunts and helplessly tugs and slaps at Sugar’s wrist, as Sugar stands firm, effortlessly choking her pathetic jobber.  Ragdoll fans, pull up a chair, as Sugar plays with Alexandria’s limp body, causing America’s BEST Jobber, to twitch and convulse in submission, in complete control of her dominant heel, Alex leaves slug trails of drool behind her as Sugar totes her around the ring, beating her silly with deep, hard gut punches, folding Alex in half, causing her full size bottom to lunge towards the MMW camera.  Sugar takes pleasure ripping and yanking Alex around by her long, thick, dark, amazon hair!  Sugar uses nerve holds, sleepers, camel clutches, hair pulls, gut punches!  A MASSIVE wedgie forces Alexandrias round ass to point straight at the roof, as Sugar tries to cut Alex in half, yanking her spandex gear deep in between her full size booty cheeks.  Leg overhead chokes, backbreakers, more gut punishment, rope and corner work!  Sugar straddles Alexandrias thick thighs, and yanking her head forward by a gob of hair, Sugar forces Alex to watch her own belly beating, as Sugar sends strike after strike into Alexandria’s midsection!  More punishment insues until a final skull crusher sends Alex into a convulsing fit while Sugar squeezes Alexandria’s skull like a hydraulic press.  Alex is finished, and at the complete mercy of her dominant opponent.  A final leg hook pin and victory pose give the W to the mega heel herself.  MMW terror, Sugar!