“Zodiac Stinkface!”










Zodiac Queen returns!  And again, she’s on the hunt for Alexandria Hamilton.  A Heroine clad Alex brought a little more spunk this time she takes early control and dominates Zodiac early with a barrage of Stinkface punishment!  Alex becomes a bit too cocky, gloating around the ring when Zodiac pounces!  A HUGE wedgie kicks off Zodiac’s assault as she strips Alexandria to her bra and thong panties!  Alex is stunned.  Zodiac traps her in the corner and delivers minute after minute of humiliating stinkface torment!  Alex has nowhere to go as Zodiac continues her vicious attack on America’s BEST Jobber.  Zodiac grows bored and rips Alex to her knees by her hair.  Alex is on her hands and knees, Zodiac, till with a handful of Alexandira’s hair, lays a quick spanking session of poor Alex until her round bottom is bright red!  Is Zodiac done?  No!  Alex is again lifted by her hair and put in a breath-taking bearhug!  You can see the remainder of any fight Alex had leave her as she slowly fades, clinched in Zodiac’s crushing bearhug!  A final leg hook pin and victory pose seal the night for the undefeated Mega-Heel, Zodiac Queen!



Length: 10:48

Size: 1 GB

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