“Zodiac Smash!”







Zodiac Queen returns, and her favorite jobber is geared-up and ready for another beatdown!  Alexandria enters the ring all smiles and attacks Zodiac as she climbs through the ropes!  Alex is flexing for the camera, thinking she has Zodiac right where she wants her, but Zodiac emerges behind Alex to deliver a crushing low blow!  Alex is stunned, Zodiac proceeds to spend the duration of the match pummeling the NorCal PAWG with vicious low blows and dirty, pro-style tactics!  Horrific stomps, claws, and splits are on the menu for poor Alexandria’s lower region, Zodiac even uses the ringposts to torment poor Alex!  A final humiliating matchbook pin seals the night for the undefeated Zodiac Qeen as she strikes her dominant victory pose over her defeated, weak foe!




Length: 08:06

Size: 843 MB