“You’re no Pro!”





Alexandria Hamilton hears that Athena Law, a cocky pro wrestler, has been boasting about her fighting skills, and is ready to take on any and all challengers. Having known Athena a long time, and knowing her weakness, (Athena’s belly), Alex accepts Athena’s challenge, and gears up to climb through the ropes, and in to the MMW ring! The two women lock up and immediately Alex targets Athena’s soft, exposed belly! As Alex expected, Athena crumbled like a piece of paper, and Alex pounced! Alex spends the remainder of the match pummeling, punching, knee’ing, clawing, and utterly torturing Athena’s bare, vulnerable belly in this lop sided, complete belly punishing squash match! Alex punches, kicks, and tramples Athena’s belly, using the ropes and corners to trap the poor jobber. Athena has no answer for Alexandria’s assault as she lay helpless in Alex’s control! Back breakers, rope tangles, school girl pins, and more! Any move Alex can use to expose Athena’s belly, and torture it! Fan of pro wrestling, and gut punishment? Don’t miss this epic, belly destruction, beat down!


Length: 08:03

Size: 862 MB