“You’re as Weak as Your Sister!”





Poor Lizzy! Tsunami LOVES working her opponents eyes! She left the ring in her last contest, having wrapped Athena Laws head in barbed wire! Now Lizzy steps up! but is QUICKLY sat down! Never really able to gain ground, or control the fight, Lizzy continuously finds herself scrambling to keep up with Tsunamis pace, but halfway through the fight it is painfully apparent that Tsunami is in control, and Lizzy is just surviving, refusing to give up, Lizzy is embarassingly outclassed at every turn, unable to match Tsunami in grappling, Lizzy makes the mistake of squaring up at Tsunamis challenge, being pressed against the ropes for a marathon pummeling of right jabs! A punch drunk Lizzy stumbles right into Tsunamis sleeper for the KO, a loooong leg hook pin placing Lizzys shapely bottom to the sky ends this contest with another “L” for Lizzy, while Tsunami remains undefeated in the MMW ring! enter the BARBED WIRE and HANDCUFFS! Tsunami displays her bloody lifeless foe like a grand opening banner, proud of her work, and exits leaving Lizzy bound, bloody, and beyond beaten!


Length: 12 Minutes

Size: 877 MB