“The Beating of LIzzy Hamilton!”


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Lizzy Hamilton is in a bad mood, for the last 10 minutes she had to watch her sister get the hell beat out of her by Yennefer, a masked fighter from the Central Valley.  What’s worse, this is the second time she’s had to witness this before her very eyes!  In true big sister fashion, its time for Lizzy to defend the Hamilton name!  Lizzy sneaks in to the ring behind an unsuspecting Yennefer, Lizzy catches Yennefer off guard, wrapping a towel around her neck and dragging her in to the ring!  “You think you can just beat up my baby sister!?” Yells Lizzy.  Wanting a solid win, Lizzy allows Yennefer to her feet, Lizzy raises her hands to square up with Yennefer, she has taken a fighting stance and is ready to brawl!  Lizzy throws the first few punches, connecting with Yennefer, even rocking the evil heel for a moment.  But that moment wasn’t long enough, as Yennefer returns blows to the blonde Hamilton, Dazing the Queen causing her to stumble in to the corner!  Yennefer takes full advantage, trapping Lizzy in the corner for a classic corner beat down, swinging for the fences, connecting with Lizzy’s face and stomach!  Lizzy falls to her knees and attempts to crawl out of the ring.  That didn’t take long, as Lizzy tries to retreat, Yennefer catches up with her, keeping Lizzy on her knees, Yennefer presses her knee in to Lizzy’s back, pressing her against the ropes, using a thick gob of Lizzy’s blonde hair to Yank the Queen’s neck back, Lizzy is in a head scalping hair pull, finally Yennefer lets her go, and Lizzy rolls limply out of the ring, flopping on to the mat outside the ring.  Yennefer follows Lizzy out, Alexandria watches in horror as Yennefer continue to dominate her big sister, Alex begs Lizzy to just give up, but her suggestion, is cut off as Yennefer grabs a glass of water from a table and tosses the water directly into Alexandria’s face, in total disrespect.  Yennefer returns to a half conscious Lizzy and rips her to her knees by her hair.  holding Lizzy by the hair, Yennefer smashes the empty glass of water over Lizzy’s head!  On lookers watch in shock, never before seeing the California Queen dominated in such decisive fashion, Lizzy is again yanked to her feet by her hair,  just to be thrown face first to the ground, Yennefer throws Alexandria from her chair, in order to use to  break over Lizzy’s back!  The chair smashes to pieces as Lizzy falls face first to the ground.  Yennefer is far from done, again yanking the blonde to her feet by her hair.  Lizzy is essentially out on her feet, Yennefer uses a thick handful of Lizzy’s blonde hair to walk her on all fours over to the wall.  Lizzy is brought to her knees and using two handfuls of hair, Yennefer continuously slams Lizzy’s head into the wall, with such force, ultimately smashing Lizzy’s head THROUGH the wall.  Yennefer throws Lizzy to her back like garbage, she takes delight in seeing her handy work, she takes a moment to enjoy a limp Lizzy Hamilton on the ground, defeated by her hands, however she is not done.  Lizzy is again ripped to her feet by her hair, Yennefer has set a table, but not for supper, Lizzy is tossed face first through the table, smashing it to pieces, along with any hopes on a Hamilton win.  Yennefer again uses Lizzy’s hair to finally throw her back in to the ring.  This match has been over for a while, Yennefer is simply making an example out of poor Lizzy at this point,  Lizzy is brought to her knees where Yennefer applies an vice like sleeper hold.  Lizzy struggles in Yennefer’s control, slapping at her arms, trying with everything she has, no to succumb to the vicious heel.  But she doesn’t try hard enough, as her arms go limp and fall to her sides, Yennefer realizes she is out, and lets her go.  Lizzy falls face first to the mat.  Yennefer places her foot on Lizzy’s back, and raises her face by her hair, displaying her like a hunter displays their game.  Match, Yennefer.  To our Queen, perhaps  your crown needs to be refitted.


Length: 4 Minutes

Size: 450 MB