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Alexandria completely outclassed and out struck in this foxy boxing squash match, as Tall blonde Ginger, clad head to toe in gold, VS. 5’4 Alexandria, clad head to toe in silver.  Alex starts off hard, connecting over and over with combo after combo.  Ginger remains unscathed and stone cold through each onslaught.  Alex grows very tired, breathing heavy, sweating, her arms are hanging at her sides, as she keeps connecting with Ginger to no avail. Finally Ginger throws a big right, sending Alex to the ropes ad back down face first to the canvas.  Alex beats the 10 count, but has little gas left, connecting with a few jabs, its not long before she is swinging at air, no fight left in her.  Ginger takes advantage and pummels poor Alexandria’s belly, sending her silver covered bottom lunging towards the camera.  Alex is tossed against the ropes for a punishing jab fest, jab after jab, Alex’s hair is flying as her head snaps an snaps with each brain rattling jab.  “I’m about to knock you cross eyed bitch!” warns Ginger, and she delivers on her promise!  Sending four HUGE right hooks to Alexandria’s jaw, spinning the jobber in a circle knocking her across the ring to the opposite corner each time, and each time, indeed, knocking Alex cross eyed.  Alex is out on her feet, stumbling around cross eyed, pawing at the air, oblivious to the beating she just suffered at the hands of her blonde opponent.  One more big hit sends Alex down for the 10 count.  Alex is out, Winner, the tall, blonde, gold clad Ginger!


Length: 07:25

Size: 743 MB