“Scars & Stripes!”




The MMW Tag Team Champion, Hamilton Sisters Don the Stars and Stripes in this epic tag team showdown. With a shared hatred for the name Hamilton, Sugar and Athena jump at the chance to meet the sisters in the ring. The Hamilton sisters wait carelessly in the corner, making snobby faces and shakin’ their bootys! Sugar and Athena remain stone cold. Finally Alexandria and Athena lock up! Alexandria takes quick control, forcing the Maj. Into her corner. A series of hard shoulders to Athena’s mid section followed by a flurry of hard right hands to the face, Athena becomes stunned, but that’s not enough! A quick reversal and Alexandria finds herself in the corner! With a handful of Alexandria’s hair, Sugar holds the MMW Champion against the turnbuckles while Athena abuses Alexandria’s poor mid section! Belly blow after belly blow, followed by face shot after face shot, America’s Best Jobber wails in pain! This doesn’t stop Athena Law! She goes for an Irish whip into the opposite corner, only for Alexandria to reverse! Sending the Maj. back first crashing into the Hamilton corner! Before Athena can square up she finds herself held by the hair against the corner by Lizzy Hamilton! Alexandria scales the ropes to inflict blow after blow on the Vet, and the first tag is made! Enter Lizzy Hamilton! Poor Lizzy should have been watching better, after a few quick punches to Athena face, she tries the same Irish whip. only to have Athena reverse it on her, sending her directly back into the clutches of Sugar, who is itching to get a hold of Lizzy’s blonde hair. Sugar holds Lizzy idle by the hair while Athena inflicts serious gut punishment on the blonde Hamilton, and the second tag is made! Enter Sugar! Immediately overpowering Lizzy, Sugar Drags Alexandria’s sister to the middle of the ring, in to a long, crushing side headlock! Lizzy begins to turn red  as Alexandria reaches and yells for Lizzy to tag her in! Sugar becomes bored with rag dolling Lizzy and throws her lifeless body to the mat, but not far enough for her  hand to miss the tag, and Alexandria is back in the ring! However, it’s not a moment before a massive left hook across Alexandria’s jaw, sends her flat backed to the mat seeing stars! Sugar gets a hold of the Champions leg, applying an excruciating leg lock, causing Alexandria to cry out in pain, slapping and kicking the mat in pain. Sugar brings her new toy to her feet by a handful of hair and sends her face first into the corner, smashing Alexandria’s beautiful face into the top turnbuckle only to be followed up by an illegal headbutt to the face from outside the ring by Athena, sending the dark-haired Hamilton flat to the mat. A tag is made and Athena Law is back in the ring against her biggest rival, Alexandria Hamilton! Athena lifts Alexandria’s legs by her white wrestling boots for a series of crotch stomps! A horrified Alexandria is then literally dragged by her long dark hair to the center of the ring where Athena flips her into a perfect Boston crab! Alexandria cries and slaps the mat, gritting her teeth in pain, desperately reaching for the tag. The Maj. let’s her go, only to have both feet pulled out from under her causing her to land on her belly in perfect placement for Alexandria surfboard! The tables are turned and it’s Athena crying out in pain as Alexandria uses all the strength she has left to squeeze a submission win out for the tag team champions! Alexandria releases Athena just long enough to slap her in back wrenching camel clutch, Sugar watches her hopes for a win slip away as Alexandria rips Athena up by the hair for a series of slams! Body slams, face busters! The two fight around the ring only for Athena to again take control, body slamming Americas Best Jobber like a rag doll! To the corner you go Alex! Athena dashes across the ring for a face busting bronco buster! The Hamilton’s lead slips away as all four ladies enter the ring! Athena and Sugar wage war on our patriotic sisters, beating them viciously in the corners! Gut slugs fill the room as Athena has a grip on Lizzy’s golden hair, striking away on the blonde half of the Hamilton’s! Sugar is busy in the opposite corner, pummeling the MMW champ, outclassing Alexandria in her own ring!  A punch drunk Lizzy is dragged by her hair to the center of the ring for a neck snapping stunner! Laying out Lizzy face down in front of her younger sister, still in the corner being beat to a pulp by mega heel Sugar! Athena straddles Lizzy’s back, ripping her head up by the hair, Athena forces Lizzy to watch Sugar mercilessly beat down her little sister. “Look at your sister getting her ass beat!” exclaims Athena to a visibly defeated Lizzy. Athena continues to degrade Lizzy Hamilton putting her in a face peeling fish-hook! Still making her watch the destruction of her sister! Lizzy is turning beat red as Sugar continues exhibiting her complete dominance over Alexandria Hamilton. In the middle of the ring Athena continues to have fun torturing poor Lizzy, slapping her in a rear naked choke, its not long before all movement from Lizzy ceases! As she lay on the canvas, unconscious and completely destroyed at the hands of bad girl Athena Law! Sugar drags a battered Alex to the center of the ring and holds her arms behind her back, opening up her lovely tummy for Athena to use as a punching bag! Athena uses the stars and stripes clad ass of a unconscious Lizzy as a footstool as she pounds away on Americas Best Jobber! Alexandria succumbs to Athena’s beating, her legs turn to jelly and she drops to her knees, but Sugar wants some Hamilton too! Slapping on an air tight sleeper, Alex begins to fade, Athena kicks a half conscious Alex in the stomach as she’s held in Sugars vice like sleeper. Its not long before Alex is asleep, and slumped over her sisters limp KO’d body. An unconscious pile of dominated Hamilton’s lay motionless in the middle of the MMW ring! Athena and sugar use the Hamilton’s out cold booty’s pointing at the roof as steps for their Victory pose. Match, Athena Law, and Sugar. Someone should probably check on those Hamilton sisters!


Length: 14:22

Size: 1.48 GB