“Eat Your Words!”





It’s time for a Female Pro Wrestling match!  Today’s contest is a Non-Title bout.  Introducing first, Maj. Athena Law, clad in a black, short sleeved, shiny one piece leotard, white knee pads, and knee high converse wrestling boots!  Athena is on a mission, to defeat her opponent, who has been on social media as of late, poking fun at Athena, saying all the different ways she was going to beat Athena down.  Enter Athena’s opponent, MMW Wrestling Champion, America’s BEST Jobber! Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex is wearing a tight navy blue, one piece, kneed pads, and hot pink knee high converse wrestling boots.  After a long chest to chest, nose to nose stare down, the two female warriors lock up in the center of the ring! they struggle in each others clench, and break up.  The two circle each other, hands on hips, eyes locked, sizing one another up.  Words are exchanged and the two lock up again!  After a brief struggle Alex manages to muscle Athena in to the corner, for a series of forearms to the chest, crushing Athena with each solid blow  Alex focuses on Athena’s mid section, throwing big hit after big hit into Athena’s belly, folding the bad girl in half,  showing off her curvy rear end!  Alex locks her hands around the back of Athena’s neck, and in one swoop, rolls back and with one foot, launches Athena, somersaulting her through the air, and across the entire ring!  Athena hits the canvas with devastating impact! Shaking the MMW ring and both women’s sexy body’s!  Alex pops right up in an instance, she waits in the corner, watching Athena slowly get to her feet, Alex has her hip kicked out, taking pleasure in her handy work so far.  Athena barely has time to stand straight before Alex somersaults across the ring, springing up in a flash throwing a HUGE super punch directly in to Athena’s nose!  Athena is dazed!  Alex backs up as Athena tries to gain her composure, Alex springs into a handstand head scissor, grabbing Athena by the neck with her ankles, she throws Athena across the ring, flipping.her into the corner on to her back!  This match is all Alexandria SO FAR! Perhaps, Alex is about to back up all that trash she just talked!  Athena is on her back as Alex stomps at her mid section, crushing the air out of Athena’s lungs!  Alex gets a hold of Athena’s hair and rips the so called bad girl to her feet  just to throw her across the ring with a ring thundering hair mare!  Alex trots across the ring to rip Athena up by her hair, and again, throws her like yesterdays trash, across the ring with another vicious hair mare!  Athena is brought to her knees and choked over the middle rope, as Alex sits on her back, riding her like a bull.  Alex lets Athena go and Athena crumbles to the canvas, a complete mess!  Alex straddles her back for an ankle lock as Athena wails in pain, Alex lets her go, and stands to her feet, but not before playing a quick drum beat on Athena’s booty! Alex yanks Athena to her feet by the hair and sens her across the ring and springing off of the ropes right in to Alexandria’s boot!  Alex lifts Athena for a crotch smashing atomic drop, Athena is stunned as Alex springs her self off the ropes and sends Athena crashing to the mat with a chest smashing clothesline!  Athena is pulled to her feet again, but only so Alex can throw her out of the ring, which she does, as Athena’s body slaps on the mat outside the ring!  Alexandria is kicking Athena Law’s ass!  Alex taunts Athena as she slowly climbs back in the ring on her hands and knees. The two meet in the middle of the ring, they go to lock up but Athena sends her foot directly in to Alex’s belly!  Folding the jobber in half!  Its time for Athena to play dirty!  She throws Alex in the corner for a complete beat down!  Punches to the face!  Belly punches! Stomps to the stomach!  Alex is going down and down!  Athena kicks Alex down to the canvas,  Sitting on her ass, Alex is using the bottom turnbuckle as a pillow as Athena mercilessly stomps her down in perfect position for a bronco buster, Athena backs up and sprints across the ring for  a humiliating bronco buster!  Athens rips Alex to her feet by her long thick hair, and slaps her in a tight side headlock.  She walks Alex around the ring, locked in her headlock, and flips her to the mat with a snapping hip toss!  keeping hold of Alex’s head Athena stands, maintaining the headlock on Alex, and again flips her to the mat with a devastating hip toss!  Alex is seeing her lead slowly fade, as Athena de-boots Alex,  stripping her of her wrestling boots and throwing them out of the ring!  Alex is left in her knee high bright white tube socks, Athena straddles her back and locks her in to a back breaking, spine bending camel clutch!  Alex’s socks covered legs kick the mat frantically as she writhes in Athena’s clutch!  Moans and groans take over all noise as Alex’s legs crash against the canvas as Athena imposes her complete domination on America’s BEST Jobber! Athena lets Alex go, but before she stands she uses Alex’s hair to show her face to the camera, ultimately continuously slamming Alexandria’s beautiful face in to the ground, over and over!  Alex is yanked to her feet by the hair and thrown against the ropes, A big boot to the belly folds the jobber in half, setting her up for a face busting DDT!  Athena is now in complete control, as Alex slowly rises to her hands and knees, Athena places her foot on Alexandria’s round bottom and pushes the jobber.out of the ring like garbage.  Alex slowly rises to her feet and attempts to enter the ring, but Athena grabs a handful of her jobbers hair, bringing her to the outside apron and slamming her face in to the turnbuckle! Alex flies off the ring, crashing to the mat on the outside floor!  Again Alex attempts to re-enter the ring, only to be brought again, to the outside apron and choked on the middle rope! Athena lets her go and again Alex crashes to the outside mat, Athena exits the ring, she pulls Alex to her butt and slaps on a tight dragon sleeper!  Alex’s hands and legs flail around wildly as Athena wrenches Her neck in her excruciating dragon sleeper,  Athena isn’t close to being done, She yanks Alex to her feet by the hair, and sends her face first, multiple times into the outside steel ring posts, Alex is brought to another ring post for the same treatment, Athena slams Alexandria’s head in to the post viciously, pulling her to the MMW Banner wall, and with a handful of hair, and a handful of wedgie, viciously slams Alex repeatedly against the wall, pulverizing the jobber!  Alex begins to go limp from the throttling beating of being slammed against the wall repeatedly!   Athena throws Alex back in the ring, and the match continues..Alex tries to rise to her feet,  but makes it only to her hands and knees, as Athena sends a big right hand across Alexandria’s jaw, causing her to flop back down to her stomach, flat against the mat, Athena yanks Alex to her feet for a huge neck breaking stunner, Alex falls back, and Athena.is ready to call it a match!  Literally! as she folds Alexandria’s legs over her head, folding the jobber in half for a matchbook inspired Spanish press pin, Alexandria’s defeated ass is straight in the air as Athena counts her out  Match, Athena Law,  she rises to her feet for a sexy victory pose, a KO’d Alex folded in half, ass in the air,  Athena wants to humiliate her even more!  She sits Alex on the outside apron, and handcuffs her to the ropes.  Athena took the liberty to write down every snarky comment Alex said to her, and now, shes gonna make Alex EAT HER WORDS!  Athena reads off each comment on each page, before ripping it from the book and stuffing it in Alex’s mouth, force feeding the horrified jobber!  Alex shakes her head frantically and Athena stuffs more and more in Alex’s mouth, making her literally eat her words!  Athena exits, and leaves Alex dangling from the ropes, bound by handcuffs, and with a very bad taste in her mouth.


Length: 16:11

Size: 1.13 GB