“Box N’ Sox!”





Well it’s time to scrap!  There are two HOT women at the MMW wrestling room.  And, they  have both suited up, gloved up, and even put on some sexy knee high tube socks.  Why?  Because, these two ladies want to box each other!  Alexandria, clad from head to toe in white!  A jobber lovers dream!  She has a million dollar smile, and appears a bit over confident to be stepping in to the ring, especially considering her opponent, MMW boxing champion, Athena Law!  Athena has on her trademark pink boxing gloves, camo top, and brown leotard.  A fine look for any lovely figured heel, who has a jobber squash match on the mind.  The two girls meet in the middle of the ring for a long, intense, stare down!  Ladies to your corners, at the sound of the bell, come out swingin!  The two ladies circle each other, sizing one another up.  Alex bets Athena $100 that she will KO her first.  Athena accepts the challenge, and now, it’s time to scrap!  Blows are exchanged!  It’s Alexandria out of the gate!  With some very solid combos!  Combos that would send any normal woman stumbling to the ropes, but Athena eats them well, shaking them off, and quickly re-gaining composure.  The two size each other up again.  This time, its Athena, with a lightning quick combo of her own, rattling and stunning Alexandria, who, by all accounts, should not be sharing a boxing ring with Athena Law, and she learns this lesson quick!  With little defense, Alexandria takes a solid beating at the hands of Athena.  Right! Left! Jab Jab!  Alexandria’s hair is flying as Athena is using her head as a speed bag!  Pummeling poor Alex’s pretty face!  Alex is cornered!  Athena unleashes an onslaught on head snapping head shots, knocking Alexandria cross eyed!  A series of gut punches send Alex’s shapely rear end, lunging towards the camera!  OOF!! Alex’s air leaves her lungs as Athena pounds away at her belly, inflicting true gut punishment!  Alex spends lots of time against the ropes, in the corners, and all around the ring, being out struck, out classed, and plainly out fought, by Athena, and her granite hands!  TIIIMBBEERRR!  There she goes, Alex is down, (again) but she isn’t getting up this time, or is she?  She’s up!  But not for long, Athena puts her against the ropes for two BIG low blows!  Alex holds her poor private area, stumbling to the ropes, only to fall to her knees.  Athena pushes Alex down with her foot, Alex is out, hanging halfway out of the ring, Athena places her foot on Alexandria’s KO’d booty, counting slowly to ten, giving us enough time to appreciate how Alexandria’s leotard rides up her defeated bottom.  AAAANND 10!  Winner, and STILL, MMW boxing champion, Athena Law!  One would think this encounter is over, well, just about, Athena removes her boxing gloves and drags Alex out of the ring, by her hair, and slaps on a sleeper hold!  Alex’s eyes get wide, as she struggles in peril in Athena’s control, gasping for air, and slapping at Athena’s arms, Alexandria’s hands still gloved up.  Athena makes Alex verbally submit to her.  Alex submits. But before Athena leaves, she stuffs Alexandria’s mouth, with the bounty of their KO bet!  Demanding Alex pose for her,  Alexandria does as she told, and with a mouth full of cash, poses for Athena Law, as Athena laughs, and takes pictures.  Alex continues to pose, mouth full of dirty money, and almost in tears, Finally Athena Exits, and we are left with a completely defeated, humiliated, and dominated, Alexandria Hamilton!


Length: 10:30

Size: 1.08 GB