“Beat by Petite!”





Athena, bare feet, bare legs, skin tight, bright white leotard.  Ginger, bare feet, bare legs, Tall, blonde, tight, bright pink leotard.  The two women stand outside the ring, while Athena makes fun of Ginger, belittling her for her loss to Alexandria Hamilton.  Ginger mistakenly returns the catty remarks to Athena, who wastes no time sending a low blow kick in between Ginger’s legs!  Athena straddles Ginger, slapping on an agonizing camel clutch!  Ginger, crying out in pain, begs Athena to stop, Athena rips her larger opponent to her feet with handful of blonde hair, and tosses the blonde amazon in to the ring.  This is the complete squash of Ginger, as Athena uses submission after submission to dominate Ginger.  Head scissor’s, leg locks, clutches, hair pulls, fish hooks, and stomps, are among the tools Athena uses to easily dismantle Ginger!  A figure 4 leg lock wrapped around the ring post ultimately proves to be too much for Ginger, as she succumbs to the superior woman’s power, submitting to Athena, unable to match her in skill.  Ginger lay motionless, face down and dominated in the middle of the ring, as a victorious Athena uses her body as a foot stool for her victory pose!  Athena flexes over the body of the woman she just beat to submission, and exits.  Ginger remains in the ring, as her ego is smeared all over the MMW wrestling room!


Length: 15:21

Size: 1.60 GB