“Beggin’ for a Megan!”





Megan Jones is a seasoned wrestler! She’s seen her fair amount of competition in many promotions. She has won, she’s lost, she’s been a champion, won titles, defended titles, lost titles, point being, she’s a well-rounded fighter. Which is why Athena Law is set on making the Blonde Crusher her next bloody victim! Athena, trying to make a name for herself as a wrestler, is currently holding the MMW title belt, walking thru Alex, Dana, and Lizzy with ease! However, she suffered a brutal one punch KO loss in a non title bout with Sugar, only to take another non title belt coupled with a KO loss with a young 20-year-old newcomer named Tammi. Assessing her boxing skills, Athena donned the leotard to show she can wrestle too! After establishing herself as genuine competition in the wrestling ring by defeating every woman put in front of her, Athena caught wind of a visiting Megan Jones. Athena begged Alexandria to give her the match, and, with the stroke of a pen, Megan Jones Vs. Athena Law was on!  Enter Megan, the blonde Amazon powerhouse clad in a tight bright red one piece leotard, red knee pads, and gold wrestling boots. Megan seems unimpressed by Athena’s reputation for inflicting damage on her opponents, and she steps in the ring looking very ready to go to war. Enter Athena Law! The vet pays homage to her veteran roots sporting cheeky camo booty shorts over her black leotard. Knee pads and boots clothe her legs as she enters the ring shooting daggers at Megan with her eyes! After an intense stare down the bell sounds and the two ladies lock up! It’s not long before Megan sends a big knee to Athena’s mid section, folding the Major in half, Megan wastes no time bullying her smaller opponent in to her corner, swiping massive shots to Athena’s jaw and belly! A overwhelmed Athena quickly realizes she may have bit off more than she can chew, as the blonde former Ring Diva yanks poor Athena to the middle of the ring by her hair and sends her nose first straight to the canvas with a huge face buster! Athena can barely take a breath before Meagan has a handful of her hair, yanking her to her feet again and tossing her to the middle of the ropes! the champion boxer in Athena should easily be able to get off the ropes, that is, if Megan wasn’t standing in front of her pelting her in the face over and over with big right hands. It’s back to the middle of the ring for Athena Law, as Megan again uses the Majors hair as a leash, walking her to the middle of the ring for a big body slam! Megan just wont let Athena stay down as she again yanks the boxing champ to her feet by the hair for another ring shaking body slam! Megan allows Athena to get to her feet, verbally taunting the vet as she struggles to stand. As Meagan approaches Athena a second wind comes over the battered boxing champ and she send big low blows directly in to Megan’s crotch, quickly rendering the amazon helpless. Before Megan can compose herself its Athena with handfuls of hair, sending the blonde face first to the mat with a face buster of her own! Athena wastes no time, quickly straddling Megan’s back to lock her in a back bending camel clutch! Megan wails in pain as Athena uses all her might, gritting her teeth trying to force the verbal submission out of her more experienced opponent! Megan’s time in the ring shows as she uses all of her energy to withstand the pain of Athena’s camel clutch. Athena realizes she needs to ware her opponent down more, and send her to the corner by the hair! Athena uses face and gut punches to chop down her larger opponent before dragging her to the center of the ring for a neck snapping stunner! Megan falls face forward, unknowingly setting herself up for Athena’s modified surfboard. Megan again finds her self locked in Athena’s control.  Athena can smell the will and fight leaving Megan as she quickly pulls her to her feet by gobs of blonde hair! Megan greeted by hard punches straight to her jaw, sending her flat to the canvas. Athena is like a shark and Megan is blood and the ring is the water as Athena rips her larger opponent to her feet by the hair to again send her back to the canvas with a big strike to her jaw. Megan is on her back staring at the ceiling and Athena is about to end her night, but whats this? Alexandria Hamilton enters the ring, quickly locking Athena in a tight sleeper! Megan begins to rise as Athena begins to fall. Megan laughs and taunts a beet red Athena as Alex squeezes the breath from her. Alex holds her in the sleeper tight until Athena finally goes unconscious. Alex then watches as Megan puts Athena in matchbook position for the win!


Length: 08:18

Size: 874 MB