Theres a mysterious pair of twitching legs sticking out of the MMW entrance curtain. But whos are they? When we draw back the curtain we find Alex, stuck in an air tight sleeper hold, being rocked back and forth by the MMW Mega Heel, Sugar! Sugar agrees to let Alex go. She wakes a sleeping Alex, mocking her, telling her it is time to fight. A groggy Alex wakes up and Enters the dojo through the curtain. Unaware Sugar is hiding, Alex shakes off her grogginess only to be approached from behind by Sugar, and ultimately scared into an u limp faint. Sugar laughs at the jobber laying at her feet, and with a “Waste not, want not” attitude, decides to slap the twitching jobber into a 2nd sleeper hold! Alex twitches in Sugars control, until Sugar lets her go, again. Alex is in a stupor as she tries to rise to her feet. Sugar, still mocking her, telling the bewildered jobber it was time to fight, and to get in the ring. A puzzled Alex flexes and poses for the camera before entering the ring and going to her corner. Sugar wastes no time, the moment Alex gets to her corner, Sugar sends a MASSIVE, right hook straight into Alexandria’s jaw, from outside the ring, sending the Jobber plummeting face first to the MMW canvas, laid out like Sugar’s dirty laundry! From here you Sugar mercilessly RagDolls Alex from corner to corner! Tying America’s BEST Jobber in the ropes, trapping her in the corners, and using her as a mop to wipe the ring with. Throat crushing chokes, fish hooks, hair pulls, camel clutch, belly punches, skull crushers, matchbook chokes, 2 hand, guliotine chokes, ass slaps and wedgies, and even boot kissing, soften Alex up, as Sugar methodically beats the round bottom jobber in thorough fashion! Sugar decides she wants to summon the Amazing WonderJobber! Knowing the only way to get the famius jobber to appear, is to beat and humiliate Alex to a state incoherance! Sugar slaps Alex in a matchbook choke, pointing Alexandria’s thong clad booty to the roof! Alexandria’s eyes roll as drool soaks her leotard. Sugar calls for WonderJobber in a cocky tone and Alex uncontrollable twitches turn to inhumane convulsion! WonderJobber is appearing! Alexandria’s thong turns to the stars and stripes as Sugar FINALLY has a hold of WonderJobber! Sugar rises to her feet as a punch silly WonderJobber tries to rise to her feet. Again Sugar mocks the Woman Wrestler, telling her she just won a match, and to pose for her fans! A dazed WonderJobber flexes for her non existent audience, stumbling right into Sugar canvas smashing choke slam! Shaking the MMW ring, and the two female combatants gorgeous bodies! Sugar rips a slobbering WonderJobber to her knees by her thick mane of jobber hair! Slapping on a face destroying face claw! Again, causing the wonderous Jobber to twitch in the grips of her superior opponent! Sugar continues with more chokes, strikes, and jobber punishment, continuing to to pose her limp helpless foe in embarrassing positions. More head crushing moves and fish hooks set the tone for the conclusion, as Sugar finishes off the infamous WonderJobber with ease. A final leg hook pin earns Sugar the 3 count, and the bragging right of being the first woman to defetr both Alex, and her Wonderous counterpart, WonderJobber!

Length: 16:43

Size: 1.74 MB