“Wife Club!” 3






Bitter rivals, Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law, square-up in this fast-paced, smash mouth, back-&-forth battle for wife supremacy!  Alex lost the first Wife battle to Birdie, getting KO’d in her own living room while her husband watched.  Alex was ready to prove she was still a tough wife to be reckoned with and accepted a match against fellow local wife, Athena Law, only to be fed another KO loss by the quick striker!  Alex is back, and insisting on a rematch with Athena, and continently ducking both, Birdie’s and Wendy Watson’s callouts!  The bell rings and the ladies get busy!  Tons of back-&-forth action with both lady’s giving and taking their fair share of punishment.  Each lady kissing the canvas in this multi-knockdown battle as they trade body shots, jabs, belly punches, uppercuts, rope work, corner work, and stiff combos!  The weaker woman begins to fade, and her hands lay low, as the superior wife pounces and feeds her opponent a final barrage of leather punishment, finishing her off with a devastating KO punch, awarding her the KO win and victory pose!  With wife will be the talk of the block tomorrow, and which will be the butt of every joke after being dropped with her booty in the air?  Download to find out!




Length:  13:59

Size:  1.43 GB