“Whooped On!”






Lizzy Hamilton knows she has some heat in her hands.  Holding KO wins over Andrea Rosu, and Megan Jones, Lizzy is certainly a forced to square up with.  Which, is why is was shocking to watch featherweight newcomer, Harper Rose, utterly beat Lizzy’s ass up and down the ring in PAINFUL fashion!  Harper has one thing on the mind.  Athena Law.  Harper does not like Athena Law, and is convinced she can beat her and become the new MMW Boxing Champion.  The only thing standing in her way is blonde bombshell, thick thigh, gorgeous California Queen, Lizzy Hamilton, who may be a bit TOO cocky for today’s bout.  Jabs, uppercuts, combos, multiple knockdowns, head snaps, hooks, crosses, belly punches, body shots.  Lizzy is laid to waste, beat down and put away with eez, Harper shocks the fantasy community by defeating the elder Hamilton sister.  Can Lizzy recover from such a humiliating loss? It’s hard to say, but there is anew badass bitch in town, and she just DESTROYED the best boxer in the league.  Look out for Harper Rose, shes the one standing on the KO’d Lizzy!




Length: 08:49

Size: 927 MB