“White Cotton Boxing!”






Sexy Girls. Matching, white cotton bra & panties.  Gloves.  A ring.  And an instant classic!  Sarah Brooke and Athena Law battle back-&-forth in a fiery, intense, jaw-smashing, head snapping, multi-knockdown MMW Boxing match to the KO!  TONS of give-&-take action as each lady pummels the other with jabs, body shots, uppercuts, hooks, combos and belly punches!  Against the ropes, in the corners and center ring the ladies throw haymaker after haymaker, eventually rendering one woman helpless as her strength begins to fade with each devastating strike she absorbs!  With the weaker woman exposed, the dominant woman pounces and launches a final flurry that flattens her battered opponent, awarding the winner the KO and victory pose!  Which lady will walk out, and which one will stumble?  Download to find out!




Length: 14:13

Size: 1.45 GB