“What was She Pinking!?”





It’s Jobber Vs Jobber when Dynamite! Dana enters the ring wearing the same shiny pink leotard and hot pink wrestling boots as Alexandria. After an intense stare down, the ladies lock up! They exchange blows. Dana finds herself cornered by Alexandria with a flurry of gut punches and shoulder checks to the mid section. A quick reversal, and Dana climbs the ropes and returns the favor with an onslaught of strikes. That is until Alexandria hits a low blow and an atomic drop from the second rope! This stuns Dynamite! Dana giving Alexandria enough time to secure a tight side headlock. Alexandria continues her assault with a series of crotch stomps and anguishing head scissor that almost puts Dana to sleep, but Alexandria is not finished yet. She rips her to her feet by her thick red hair, and sends her face first back and forth into the turnbuckles giving true meaning to the phrase “Beaten pillar to post”. Alexandria goes for a BIG corner splash only to be met by nothing but turnbuckles giving Dana the opening to send Alexandria crashing to the canvas with a big clothesline to Alexandria’s chest. It is all Dynamite! Dana from here as she punishes America’s Best Jobber with a series of agonizing clutch maneuvers causing Alexandria to cry and wail in pain. Starting with a camel clutch, Dana moves to a horrifying eye gouge and continues north to Alexandria’s long beautiful hair. Alexandria’s cries lead Dana to slap a tight sleeper hold silencing America’s Best Jobber. A long tight leg hook pin gives Dynamite! Dana the WIN by KO!


Length: 10:01

Size: 720 MB