“Weak Patriot Belly!”





Our favorite patriotic MILF’s are decked out in their USA gear, happy as can be, Alex that is.  Athena is not happy that Alex has again, copied her choice of attire for the day and proceeds to take off her frustrations on Alexandria’s sexy, exposed, soft belly!  Against the wall, spread out on the couch, in the center of the room, and mounted on the floor, Athena pulverizes thicc, Super MILF Alex, stripping her of her leggings and crop top, exposing her patriot panties and bra and serving her up some more, good ‘ol American punishment!  Alex is getting folded, her phat ass popping and jiggling, and in an instant, miraculously, she turns the tide and suddenly it is Athena on the stiff receiving end of a painful beating!  Alex, sinking her fist deep into Athena’s soft, exposed belly, Athena gets served up around the room, stripped of her pants, and both ladies finish the fight in their panties and bikini tops that BARELY contain their gorgeous DD’s!  The two women battle it out, sending strikes back and forth, both ending up on their back again!  Which lady will take the day’s bragging rights?  Download to find out!




Length:  12:27

Size:  1.28 GB