“Weak BOXER Belly!”





Alexandria Hamiton feeds Athena Law’s sexy soft belly a leather lunch in this belly boxing instant-classic!  From ropes to corners, to center-ring, Athena is utterly humiliated and laid to waste as Alex pummels and punishes her belly, sending burying her glove in Athena’s exposed belly!  Athena hits the canvas!  Think Alex is done?  Hardly, the humiliation continues as Alex strips Athena of her trunks in the ultimate show of dominance, making Athena take the rest of her beating in her cute pink panties, riding up her sexy little ass perfectly, giving gorgeous jiggles as Alex lifts her with belly blow-after belly blow!  Athena has no answer for Alexandria’s onslaught of punishment, finally eating an uppercut that puts her down for the night, awarding Alex the 10-count and victory pose?  Is Alex done?  Of course not, she straddles Athena, mounting her against the canvas for a final ground-&-pound of humiliating gut punishment!




Length:  11:39

Size:  1.19 GB