“Weak Boxer Belly!” 2





Athena and Alex touch gloves for a good contest of good sportsmanship.  However, Athena has different plans.  Set on humiliating her thicc counterpart, Athena informs Alex that she is aware of Alexandria’s weakness.  Her sexy, soft, jobber belly!  Alex shrugs it off for a moment but still eats a stiff jab to the gut, folding the PAWG and showing Athena that her suspicious were correct!  Athena spends the duration of the clip humiliating and dominating Alex with a barrage of punishing belly strikes!  Against the rope, in the corners and center ring where Athena has Alexandria’s phat jobber butt bouncing and jiggling with each devastating blow, lifting America’s BEST jobber off the canvas as Athena buries her fist DEEP in Alexandria’s poor jobber belly!  Athena takes it a step further, stripping Alex of her trunks, making her eat the rest of her beating in her sexy white panties!  How much punishment can one woman’s belly take?  Download to find out!




Length:  09:29

Size:  989 MB