Alexandria Hamilton humiliates, and dominates her big sister Lizzy in this sexy, multi KO, beatdown! We fade in with Lizzy flat on her back, already knocked out, with Alexandria standing above her in a very strong looking victory pose. The premise is so simple, yet painful for the blonde, California Queen, Lizzy Hamilton. Alex KO’s Lizzy multiple times with slow agonizing holds, each one knocking Lizzy out, laying her flat on her back in her bikini. Each time Alex striking a gorgeous victory pose. A true, grind out classic for the fan of the lop sided squash match. Lizzy’s face sells the agony of each KO with laser precision. Sleepers, scissors, hair pulling, and more! Submission after lock, watch Lizzy eat one of her more embarrassing beatings at the hands of her little sister Alexandria!



Length: 06:19

Size: 654 MB