“Terra Strikes!”






Terra Mizu makes her MMW Boxing debut by challenging feared striker, and former Boxing Champion, Irene Silver!  The odds are stacked highly against Terra but that doesn’t stop her from standing toe-to-toe and trading with Irene as the two women exchange jabs, hooks, uppercuts, body shots, combos, and belly punches!  Irene has the reach, but Terra finds her way in the pocket and manages to outstrike Ireneat every turn!  Nonetheless, Irene finds her jaw and fires back, what a war!  Multiple knockdowns with each lady kissing the canvas!  Aginst the ropes, in the corners, and center ring the battle wages on!  Eventually the weaker woman begins to fade as the superioe striker takes notice amd pounces!  A final KO blow puts the loser in her back for the 10-count!  Which strong woman will walk out with the W?  Download to find out!



Size: 1.3 GB

Length: 14:36