“Underground Pro!”





It’s a panty wrestling grudge match when Athena Law and Alexandria Hamilton lock-up to prove who the superior woman and grappler is in this sexy, back-&-forth war!  Alex enters on crutches, hoping to deceive her opponent, but Athena is well aware Alex has plans to use her crutch for more than just assistance.  The bell rings and the match is on.  Not long until the crutch is used, on BOTH ladies!  What a bunch of dirty fighters!  The crutch is tossed out, leaving only two sexy women in their black bra and lace panties to fight for dominance!  Tons of give-&-take action with each lady feeding her opponent a steady diet of punishment!  Submissions, strikes and slams shake the MMW ring as the lady’s sexy body’s tumble and spread across the canvas!  Vicious hair pulling, pedigree, stunner, snap mare, body slam, surfboard, low blows, corner work, rope work, splashes, belly punches, bearhugs, leg locks, facebuster, leaps from the turnbuckles, clotheslines, foot domination, guillotine, schoolgirl pins, headlocks, bonzai drop, and more!  So much action from these enemies!  A final KO hold ends the night for the weaker woman, allowing the superior wrestler to get the leg hook pin, 3-count and victory pose!  Which woman will walk away, Queen, for the day?  Download to find out!




Length:  16:27

Size:  1.68 GB