“Twitch Bitch” 2




Alex really did plan on having an honest to goodness, pro wrestling match with Athena. But after Alex saw Athena get her ass beat by a girl from another production, beat so bad she twitched and drooled all over herself, She has been chompin at the bit to beat Athena to such a mess once more! And boy o boy does she! A low kick leads to a face smashing, ring thundering, face buster! Shaking the FFD ring, and Athena’s perky booty cheeks, fit SNUGGLY in her black workout pants. From that moment Alex takes full advantage, and puts Athena in any move she thinks will cause enough pain, or restrict enough air, to throw Athena into a helpless, covulsing, twitching, fit! Aside from the degrading, humiliating, verbal beating Athena takes from Alex, Sleepers, back breakers, chokes, belly punches, hair pulls, head scissors, and corner work, accompany her verbal assault! Alex spends leisure time, playing with her pathetic limp ragdoll that is Athena. Athena is out for the entire encounter. Her moans, and rolling eyes, her snorting, convulsing, and twtiching, and drooling, convince the spectator that all rationale conciousness has been sadisticly stripped from her. Enjoy the first installment of this new FemFight dojos, series, “Twitch! Bitch!”


Length: 10:02

Size: 1.05 GB