Tsunami returns to the MMW Ring, and for one purpose.  DESTROY, Platinum Fury!  Tsunami has enjoyed her time-off, but has not enjoyed seeing sexy Platinum, the self-proclaimed “California Muscle-Barbie” defeating women left and right, walking around with her blonde hair, always acting sexy instead of serious.  Tsunami is determined to show her that the ring is a place that she takes very seriously!  Tsunami issues a challenge to Platinum and Platinum gladly accepts.  The two ladies make their way to the ring.  Tsunami in stunning, shiny gold and blue attire, with Platinum donning the old-school look w/ a beautiful, white, one-piece leotard w/ matching boot & accessories.  They climb through the ropes, the bell rings, the women circle and lock-up, and this match is officially on!  Platinum has yet to receive a beatdown in the ring, and all of that is about to change as Tsunami takes early control and locks on a standing guillotine!  Platinum is trapped and Tsunami delivers a stiff forearm across Platinum’s back sending the blonde combatant plummeting face-first to the MMW canvas!  The duration of the match see’s Tsunami utterly decimating Platinum Fury in a fast-paced, lop-sided, classic jobber vs. heel squash match!  Complete with all the hairpulling, dirty tactics, punishing strikes, ring-shaking slams, and painful submissions that make a stiff beating an MMW Staple!  Vicious hairpulling, scissorholds, armbars, pedigrees, facebuster, rope work, corner work, camel clutch, skull crusher, bearhug, surfboard, bow and arrow, back breaker, belly punches, clotheslines, matchbook pins, splashes, bonzai drops, and more!  Platinum is thrown outside the ring where the beating continues as she is repeatedly ripped to the ring apron by her long blond hair and draped neck-first over the ropes.  Tsunami leaves the ring too, but only to punish Platinum some more!  Platinum has her head slammed into the steel ring posts before Tsunami pins her against it to deliver a quick belly beatdown!  Platinum is fed the patented “Apron Stomp” before being thrown by the hair and wedgie back into the ring where Tsunami leaps from the turnbuckles and delivers a skull-cracking double-hammerfist that drops Platinum like a sack of jobbers!  Platinum is then treated to ring full of hot shots before a skull-crusher and sleeperhold put her on her back for the final leg-hook pin!  Tsunami strikes a final, well-deserved victory pose atop her fallen, weak foe and this match is in the books!




Length: 12:34

Size: 1.29 GB