“Tovah Nixed!”






Tovah Nicks climbs through the ropes unknowingly about to eat the worst beatdown of her pro wrestling career!  KK Qing stands across the ring.  The bell rings, and let the slaughter begin!  Tovah is laid to waste as KK overpowers her straight out of the gate, utterly dominating poor Tovah until the final bell!  Face claw, skull crusher, camel clutch, surfboard, hairpulling, bow and arrow, corner work, belly punches, pedigree, rope work, schoolgirl pin, matchbook pin, headscissor, boston crab, sleeperhold, and more!  Tovah has no answer to KK’s brutal assault.  A final KO and leg hook pin ends the night for our sweet Tovah.  Match, KK Qing!




Length: 09:01

Size: 947 MB