“Too Many Cheeks!”






Sugar takes on the boxing duo of Lizzy Hamilton, and Athena Law in this wild, sexy, multi KO, Multi fall slug fest!
Athena and Lizzy are cocky, and confident in their sexy boxing bikinis, but resident MMW heel doesn’t plan on them looking so cut for so long. Sugar starts off squaring up with Lizzy. Lizzy swings and keeps her hands up but cant defend against gorgeous Sugar’s raw, punishing power! Lizzy gets her face beat back and forth until the fall is over. Athena ia not happy with Lizzy’s performance, and criticizes the sexy blonde. Convinced she can take out Sugar, Athena enters the ring, only t0 be lit up and pummeled mercilessly in front of her partner. The 2nd round ends and there are some serious issues in the tag team camp. Athena, and Lizzy begin arguing. Soon, their argument turns physical. Before she knows it, Athena finds herself being double teamed in the corner with vicious face and body blows. In an instance The Tables are turned, and Lizzy finds herself being double teamed. Soon, all three ladies are center ring and swinging for the fences! Boy o boy the fists are flying! Athena, and Lizzy gain control for a brief time and begin double teaming Sugar! Sugar takes a bit of a beating before she is able to free herself. Sugar overwhelms Lizzy, and Athena with strikes, trapping both sexy girls on the ropes for a marathon of devastating punches! Finally, a winner is crowned, but with such madness, who will have their hand, (or hands) raised at the end!?




Length: 21:15

Size: 1.48 GB