“To the Tickle!” 4






Tova and Alex are in a constant battle for local supremacy!  Both ladies want to be their small town’s main girl and pride, and today they enter the ring, yet again, to prove that they belong at the top!  Alex has a bit of a different type of finisher in mind, deciding that she will wear Tova down and submit her with some barefoot tickling.  Unaware, Tova locks up and we have ourselves a wrestling match!  Tova takes early control, punishing Alex with strikes, submissions and slams!  Stiff punches, a booty shaking pedigree and a painful headscissor have Alex weary!  In an instant, Alex turns the tables with a stiff low blow, add a guillotine and some sexy hair pulling and Alex is in charge and administers a beatdown of her own, eventually taking Tova’s back, removing her boots and ticking the soft soles of her sexy, bare feet!




Length:  09:27

Size:  987 MB