“To the Tickle!” 2






Raven Mad confronts Alexandria Hamilton in the ring, Raven is convinced that the rumors of Alexandria’s recent wins, and her ‘secret’ new finisher, are mere talk, and she is convinced that she would destroy America’s BEST Jobber in a 1-on-1 contest.  Alexandria accepts Raven’s challenge and the match is on!  Raven spends the majority of the match beating down poor Alex, trash talking the thicc milf mercilessly and calling her a liar for lying about her recent wins.  Raven uses Camel clutches, slams, belly punching, hair pulling, corner work, rope work, scissorholds and more to wear down the already tiring PAWG, looking to score an easy W.  In an instant the tide turns, Alex sees her opening and pounces!  Alex spends the remainder of the match humiliating Raven by tickling the sexy girl’s bare feet.  Alex has no plan to stop as Raven cries relentlessly and begs for the torment to stop.  Alex makes the woman submit and ad’s yet another win using her secret finisher to her growing list.




Length: 11:33

Size: 1 GB