“Throwin’ Hands!”






Its speed vs power when Luna Lain dons the gloves and climbs through the ropes to square up with MMW Boxing Champion Athena Law in a non title match! Athena is lightning quick with laser precision, knocking out some.of the biggest names in the industry, and holding on to the Gold Strap since 2018. Athena is back from a layoff and is set to defend her title for the first time since her return in a HUGE title match against Nicole Oring, who as almost replaced Athena as the badass in the area, scoring KO’s over Laney Dawson, Lizzy Hamilton, Alexandria Hamilton, and Andrea Rosu. Needless to say, Athena needs a win here to if she has any chance of being taken seriously against Nicole. Enter Luna Lain. A stone cold brawler from the California Bay Area. Luna has bricks for hands, she hits hard, and has a strong chin. Athena is quick, with natural skill. This has all the ingredients to be a classic! The women meet center ring and this match is underway! Athena keeps her feet moving as always, and is peppering Luna with jabs. Luna keeps her distance and is able to land some big power shots! Athena keeps her hands up but is seriously rocked! How many times can Athena get her bell rung before she eats canvas? Is Luna Lain gonna pull off a huge upset? Or will Athena pull through and light up the Bay Area girl like so many others!?



Length: 08:24

Size: 888 MB