“Thicc Jobber Chick!” 5





Faith Shalynn is a fan of the “Thicc Jobber Chick” series, saying she wants to be the next woman to beat Alex bad enough to star as the next heel to earn the title of the series!  Alex is no stranger to a beatdown, but is disturbed that Faith’s only goal, in not to win a fair contest, but administer a humiliating beating worth a title role!  Alex does not plan on going down so easy, but unfortunately, afte the two women lock up, she does not have a choice!  Straigh out of the gate Faith establishes dominance, using her pro-skills and dirty tactics to wear down, dominate and put away the MMW CEO!  VICIOUS, catty hair pulling, pedigree, splashes, scissorholds and more!  Alex is locked in a devastating face claw that has her bikini top BARELY containing her DD’s as they bounce and jiggle with her jobber convulsions!  More scissorholds, elbow drops, leg drops, multiple bearhugs, but splashes, snap mares, stunner, belly punches, choke holds and more!  Alex is an utter mess.  An embarrassing mess as Faith locks on a final submission finisher, laying out Alex for the leg hook pin and victory pose!  Winner, and most recent woman to beat Alex to a jobber pulp, earning and generating a new “Thicc Jobbe Chick” clip, Faith Shalynn!




Length:  18:41

Size:  1.91 GB