“Thicc Jobber Chick!” 2





Athena Law returns to the MMW Ring to do what she does best, torment CEO, Alexandria Hamilton!  Straight from the lockup Athena takes control, trapping Alexandria in a neck wrenching guillotine, twisting on poor Alex’s neck before sending her plummeting to the canvas with a stiff forearm to the back, causing the MMW ring, and Alexandria’s sexy round bottom to shake!  Athena locks on another guillotine, this time yanking on Alexandria’s sexy blue trunks, giving America’s BEST Jobber, America’s most PAINFUL Wedgie!  Alex hits the canvas hard again.  Athena is far from done as she repeatedly rips Alex to her feet by the hair to feed the thicc Milf punishment after punishment!  Snap mares, pedigree, clothesline, stunner, and more!  It doesn’t take long before Athena kicks into submission mode, bending and twisting poor Alex, inflicting pain on the local PAWG with scissorholds, leg locks, vicious hair pulling, and much MORE!  A final KO puts Alex down for the ultra-sexy leghook pin, awarding Athena another W against America’s BEST Jobber!




Length: 9 Minutes

Size: 900 MB