“The Tustin Tank!”





Kristie Etzold returns to the MMW ring with one thing on the mind.  DOMINATE, Alexandria Hamilton, one of her favorite jobber’s to toss around the ring.  Alex is confident that this time she has Kristie’s number, and the two women meet center ring!  Straight out of the gate, Kristie takes easy and early control and proceeds to feed Alex another humiliating beatdown on her home turf!  Alex is continually ripped to her feet by the fistfuls of hair only to be fed more and more stiff punishment!  Test of strength, choke holds, surfboard, bearhug, arm locks, schoolgirl pin, rope work, corner work, breast smothers, face claw, belly punches, snap mare, reverse headscissor, figure 4 headscissor, cross body pin, stomps, belly punches headlocks, temple drills, low blows, bearhug, rear naked choke, standing headscissor and more!  What a beating Alex suffers at the hands of the legend, the Tustin Tank, Kristie Etzold!  A Sadistic finisher ends the night for America’s BEST Jobber, awarding Kristie the pin and victory pose!




Length:  18:48

Size:  1.92 GB